Our Eco Mission

From day one, we've ensured that making products with a purpose remains our top priority. While we like to be profitable and successful as a business, those things actually come second behind our commitment to sustainability. We back this up in our sourcing efforts, packaging, and through donations to carbon offset efforts. As we grow as a company, we are looking for even more ways to make a difference and are really happy with the direction we're heading in. Rustic Roots Co. has a living and breathing ethos and it's only been possible through the support of our great customers.

We've Planted

Over 1,000 Trees

Since you support our mission by choosing to shop small & sustainable, we make sure to do our part by offsetting carbon emissions. Every order placed with us plants a tree through One Tree Planted!

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Certified Sourcing

Our pine wood has PEFC™ certification by meeting standards for sustainable forest management and chain of custody verification. Our reclaimed lumber is sourced locally from barn teardowns, and our steel is salvaged from Pacific Northwest metal yards by the ocean. Our 100% sustainable/organic candles and household product lines are also a testiment to our eco-friendly commitment.



We shop at a local packaging store in order to cut the environmental impact we'd see by buying from big box e-retailers. While not every packaging item we use to ship is recycled, a good portion of it is and we are proud to say that.