Yes!, Please use our contact form and we can setup a custom listing for you.

Yes, we've had a lot of experience with refinishing. We have extensive experience in stripping old finishes, detail sanding, leg modification, hardware re-positioning, whitewashing effects, all-natural finishes, repair work, wireless charging integration, and more.

If you are interested in the rustic/farmhouse style but do not have a piece to refinish, we have many options for sourcing old pieces that need the work so we can help you find the right piece with the look you desire. This is a great option - not only for sustainability purposes since we're repurposing old furniture together, but you'll also get total control over the style of a piece and the end result.

Yes, we do this pretty regularly! Please reach out and we'll setup a custom sample product for you.

Yes! We try to do our best to reflect different stain options on the product listings, but understand more visuals help. Please reach out with the stain colors you're interested in and we can send you example photos!


Our handling time is 3-5 business days. We're pretty proud to say this given every item is made to order and we handle over 1000 orders a year with a very small team.

Transit times vary from 1-5 days!

We don't offer this by default since all orders ship free and fast (3-5 business days) but if you need it, we can setup a custom product for you.


We have a detailed return policy that you can check out here! https://rusticroots.eco/policies/refund-policy